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3 Reasons you should get a Granite countertop

We are now at part two of our three "3 Reasons you should get a ____ countertop" articles and this one is quite the thriller. We're taking on a classic with this one so get ready folks cause it's about to get crazy (not really though):

1. Originality

When it comes to granite no two counters are going to look alike. This is because granite is a natural material so even if you get the same color from the same quarry it still won't look the exact same. That means if you get a granite counter its like you have one of a kind piece of art.

2. It's Natural

As I previously mentioned granite is a natural product, it is pulled from the earth at various different quarries. This makes it have looks that simply can't be replicated. It also means that it is a green product that creates very little waste. People are always saying that it's time to go green.

3. Prestige

When it comes to the countertop industry there are really two well renowned materials, those are Granite and Marble. Of these two prestigious materials granite is truly the superior. Granite simply put is a more durable and easy to maintain material than marble is. When people think about their dream kitchen it almost always has granite counters.

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