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3 Reasons you should get a Solid Surface countertop

Here we are with part three of our "3 reasons to get a ____ countertop" articles. As expected you're probably (not) on the edge of your seat waiting for the conclusion on why you should consider this final material above all the others. Well get ready for some shocking (not really) twists we are going to cover in this one:

1. Repairable

When it comes to counters there are two ends of the spectrum on one end there are the extremely durable quartz counters and on the other there are the easily repaired solid surface counters. When it comes down to it this easy to repair nature is what makes solid surface such an awesome material. Say you or one of your kids manage to break the corner off of your counter, it can quickly be glued back on polished (preferably by a professional) and still look good. That is something really no other material can replicate.

2. Renewable

One of the reasons that people love stone countertops like Granite and Quartz is that they look good for so long but even though this is true they won't maintain that same look/finish forever. That's another area where solid surface sets itself apart. Along with being easy to repair solid surface has a renewable finish meaning that no matter how long you've had it you can quickly refinish it (again preferably by a professional) and it will look as good as the day you got it.

3. Affordable

When it comes to the higher end countertop options available on the market Solid Surface is the most affordable. While not quite as cheep as laminate counters solid surface is still reasonably priced and it will last significantly longer than laminate making it truly the best value product. With solid surface you also get that high end look in fact most people actually have a hard time telling some solid surface and quartz counters apart. So if your looking for a lower cost option that still gives you the most bang for your buck than solid surface is perfect for you.

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